From that time I was in a 90's underground industrial band

Ministry, Skinny Puppy, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, I was present during those days, but it was Fugazi, Sarge and Bikini Kill that spoke to me and formed my opinions and consciousness. I was in that band, and I know now that is who I am.  


Blood & Marriage

Relationships mean you lose a piece of yourself, especially if you are doing it right, or I suppose that's what I have been told . The other person becomes part of you and on occasion you might forget where you end, and they start. It is not a bad thing… just a fact. Relationships, real ones there is an ebb and flow ups and downs which are expected. I mean no one can be happy all the time, that is ridiculous. Busy managing the peaks and valleys you often do not get time to really look at the relationship you are in. That is until it falls apart or explodes into small pieces. Like maybe your partner decided to start a relationship with someone else for a couple of years and just forgot to tell you about it. That is when you look at your relationship as if it were a case study in a public health disease outbreak publication. I did not intend this series to be anything, but I do think that it speaks to the qualities of a relationship in its finality. Everyone can see the relationship is imploding like a neutron star.  But as we all know, in space there is no sound.



Places you have been and places where you are going to be. They all have something in common. They were something else before you got there. Spaces and places change, and the only one that will witness them as they are at that moment, is you. 


People pass through you - a walking study

Everyone you meet leaves a mark on you. The marks they leave can be either positive or negative. Each becomes the fabric of who you are. These people may leave or stay in your life forever, but the mark is there, and it is permanent, even long after they are gone.