• John Masters

Time and Memory

Most of my life has been spent with a camera within my grasp. In a sense my memories are tied to the photographs I have taken. Regardless of how much time has passed, I remember what I was thinking, what the weather was like, what was going on in my life at the time and sometimes even why I chose to pull the shutter at that moment. After that sometimes I hear the voices of others that knew me then or were perhaps with me. I do not know if that is special or anything like that. It is just how my memory works now after all these years. They are tied to my photographs like a string of thread into the past, available for recall if I want. This one, I had some kodak film in my Pentax k1000, Panama City, cloudy day in the fall, a squirrel was 2 meters away foraging quietly on the ground. It was a time in my life I did not feel particularly grounded and maybe a little lost. I just remember saying to myself how ironic and took this one frame, I remember the wind picked up right after that and the coupon blew away into the nearby dirt. I did not pick it up.

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