• John Masters

Difference of Opinion

Photography for me anyway is most often a collaboration. Collaboration between the subject and the photographer. The process begins with ideas passed back and forth in conversational tones and when you get them involved in the process you start shooting. There are many different techniques and ways to go about this, but generally that is how it works. Even when you don’t expect it could happen this way it does. Even on the street or in a wedding, when you bring your camera to your eye, the subject and you have these conversations, only they are silent and communicated via gestures and eye movement. Sometimes it is a struggle as your opinions of what you want differs from what they are going to give you. It is a balance, you have to keep focused on your vision, but be open to ideas and movements you are given. It is probably the only situation I can think of where a difference of opinion can bring beautiful results. #opinions #ilfordhp5 #analog #tat

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